What is point of sale system and why you should get one for your restaurant? Read this article and discover the reasons why you need a POS system and it’s most important features you can use!

What is POS or Point-of-Sale System?

POS System


POS or point-of-sale system is a system used throughout the retail industry. It is a digitalized system that allows entrepreneurs and business owners to track sales, inventory, cash flow, and can help simplify the bookkeeping in a significant way.

Why Should You Get POS for Your Restaurant?

Let’s face it – there is a high volume of cash, as well as, credit cards that go through one restaurant during the day. This fact makes the POS system a necessity, instead of a luxury. Not only does the point of sale system track every dollar of your sale and profit, but there are many POS programs that also operate as credit card processors.


What exactly this mean?

It means that the swiping of credit cards is safer and more secure for both sides – the customer and the restaurant. The servers are responsible for all their sales and it is definitely impossible to change checks in the server or in the computer unless you enter the right password. This is really helpful and reduces the employee theft.

POS System

The biggest benefit of using POS in your restaurant is that it simplifies the communication between the wait staff and the kitchen. All of your orders can now go through the computer and directly to the kitchen. This is not all! Another benefit of having a POS system in your restaurant is that you can keep track on everything – the items from your menu, the food usage, and etc.

The POS system operates as a time clock but it can also help arrange payroll. This is pretty helpful and it can save you a lot of time and money in the bookkeeping department. Together with the daily operations of owning and running a restaurant, the point of sale system can also manage the loss statement, the profit, and the sales tax.



4 Reasons Why You Need to Implement POS System Now

We’ve already mentioned that POS system has a lot of benefits. In order to convince you that this is what your restaurant and business need, here are 4 reasons why you need to implement the POS system now:

  1. It Saves Time – The POS system speeds up the checkout process, speeds up the Inventory management, offers faster payroll processing, and there is no need to dig and search through receipts.
  2. You’ll Be in the Know – The POS system can provide you with up to the minute sales reports, it provides real-time inventory tracking, knows exactly what is hot and what is not, and provides unbiased employee attendance monitoring.
  3. Better CRM – The point of sale system offers up to date customer information, customer rewards, and loyalty programs.
  4. It just looks cool – There is an iPad based POS system that looks pretty cool. Also, there are handheld POS systems on iPhones so you can say goodbye to the log books.

So, if you are interested in implementing the POS system in your restaurant there are many POS distributors that can assist you. Here are some of the POS distributors that can get you restaurant-specific POS systems: Shopify Pos, Aldelo, Digital Dining, POSitouch, Radiant Systems, and Squirrel Systems.

If you are planning a small operation, for instance, a sandwich or bagel shop, there is no need for you to implement the POS system, but if you have big dreams, then you may want to purchase the POS system as soon as possible.




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